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"can i go to the bathroom"

"why didnt you go during lunch"


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guys in Australia they’re going to ban potatos and the internet


if this gets 10k note then they wont delete the internet and ban potatos bc im half of the government quick

and if u think this is a tumblr prank ur wrong


we did it



do you ever just make a random status & your family will comment like:image

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some 13 year olds are dumb as hell but some 16 year olds are dumb as hell too so its not an age thing some people are just fucking dumb as hell

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Raul Gutierrez, “Lives I’ve Told My 3 Year Old Recently” (via creatingaquietmind)

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Lies I’ve Told My 3 Year Old Recently

Trees talk to each other at night.
All fish are named either Lorna or Jack.
Before your eyeballs fall out from watching too much TV, they get very loose.
Tiny bears live in drain pipes.
If you are very very quiet you can hear the clouds rub against the sky.
The moon and the sun had a fight a long time ago.
Everyone knows at least one secret language.
When nobody is looking, I can fly.
We are all held together by invisible threads.
Books get lonely too.
Sadness can be eaten.
I will always be there.